Jean-Fabrice RABAUTE wrote:
> This module allows you to open a channel (socket or file) and detach it to
> the current interpreter that it becomes global and can be used with all the
> scripts.
 > [cut]

So I can do ns_thread begindetached, then do
socket -server ... (not the ns_socklistencallback) and then transfer it
to another thread? :-)

For example can I use 10 threads in 'vwait forever' loop and transfer
channels across these threads without problems?  This is very important
to me because my AOLserver sometimes handles over 200 connections and I
want to have some threads managing them (but not 200 :-).

Does it work on 3.4.2 and Tcl 8.3?

> To finish, just a question : Is there a graphic module (in C ot TCL) for
> AOLServer to manipulate images (create on the fly, draw, automatic resize,
> automatic thumbnail creation, etc...), like the one in PHP with GD ?
> If not I will perhaps try to plug the "GD Graphic Library" as an AOLServer
> C module.

nsgd. I use it to render PNG server statistics for over 6 months. It is
a conversion of the tcl gd library.


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