I didn't tested with 3.4.2 and TCL 8.3, but I think it should work. Please
let me know if not, I'll try to correct the potential problems.

For your first question, the answer is YES. What I am doing for my use is to
open a socket connection at AOLServer startup, detach it, and then use the
socket descriptor in all my tcl page scripts as well as threads created
using "ns_thread".
When detached, the socket still remains, you just have to use the "attach"
function to attach it in another thread or script and that's all.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any troubles, or for an example.


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Jean-Fabrice RABAUTE wrote:
> This module allows you to open a channel (socket or file) and detach it to
> the current interpreter that it becomes global and can be used with all
> scripts.
 > [cut]

So I can do ns_thread begindetached, then do
socket -server ... (not the ns_socklistencallback) and then transfer it
to another thread? :-)

For example can I use 10 threads in 'vwait forever' loop and transfer
channels across these threads without problems?  This is very important
to me because my AOLserver sometimes handles over 200 connections and I
want to have some threads managing them (but not 200 :-).

Does it work on 3.4.2 and Tcl 8.3?

> To finish, just a question : Is there a graphic module (in C ot TCL) for
> AOLServer to manipulate images (create on the fly, draw, automatic resize,
> automatic thumbnail creation, etc...), like the one in PHP with GD ?
> If not I will perhaps try to plug the "GD Graphic Library" as an AOLServer
> C module.

nsgd. I use it to render PNG server statistics for over 6 months. It is
a conversion of the tcl gd library.


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