Hi all,

An email just to let you know that you can get the module "nssharechannel"
I develop at the following address :


It's there for a while but the web site was in french. Now as I translated
it, I inform all people who can be interested by this module ;-)

This module allows you to open a channel (socket or file) and detach it to
the current interpreter that it becomes global and can be used with all the
I am using this module in production since one year without any problem so
far. I am using it to open a socket to connect AOLServer with my own Java
Chat Server.
It's like the module from Rob Mayoff doing the same stuff, but without
other functions of its module.

To finish, just a question : Is there a graphic module (in C ot TCL) for
AOLServer to manipulate images (create on the fly, draw, automatic resize,
automatic thumbnail creation, etc...), like the one in PHP with GD ?
If not I will perhaps try to plug the "GD Graphic Library" as an AOLServer
C module.

Thanks for the info .

Best regards.

Jean-Fabrice RABAUTE
Core Services

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