It looks like ns_socklistencallback closes the socket when the proc
I tried the following code:

proc echo_server {fdString} {

    ns_log notice "A client has connected to the socket at [ns_time]"
    set fdList [split $fdString ","]
    set rfd [lindex $fdList 0]
    set wfd [lindex $fdList 1]
    while {[set line [string trim [gets $rfd]]] != ""} {
        puts $wfd $line
        flush $wfd

    close $rfd
    close $wfd

proc echo_server_improved {rfd wfd} {

    ns_log Notice "Client connecting to improved echo server"
    ns_schedule_proc -once -thread 0 echo_server ${rfd},${wfd}

ns_socklistencallback 7777 echo_server_improved

But I got the following error:

[27/Nov/2002:16:36:23][2682.3076][-socks-] Notice: Client connecting to
improved echo server
[27/Nov/2002:16:36:23][2682.5126][-sched:19-] Notice: A client has
connected to the socket at 1038443783
[27/Nov/2002:16:36:23][2682.5126][-sched:19-] Error: can not find
channel named "sock6"

So it looks useless for your intended purpose, at least using a
scheduled proc.

--Tom Jackson

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