On Tuesday, September 30, 2003, at 04:11 AM, Andrew Piskorski wrote:

I realize this must be awfully late in the coding to bring up, but:
Would it greatly simplify or speed up things to release a first
version of nsopenssl which works with AOLserver 4.0, but does NOT
support virtual servers in any way?

Virtual server support is already in the code and works for comm-driven connections.

Since we didn't have any built in virtual server support at all in
AOLserver 3.x, I imagine there are many people converting from 3.x to
4.0 who would be perfectly happy to have NO virtual server support for
the time being, but who need a working nsopenssl in order to switch to
4.0.  I myself fall into this group.

AOLserver 4.0 not only supports virtual servers, every server you create *is* a virtual server, even if you run just one server.

Thanks for the feedback. I've decided to split nsopenssl into two
modules. The nsopenssl module will now be entirely focused on
AOLserver's comm-driven connections. The nshttps module will focus on
creating and using SSL connections using a Tcl API.

That sounds good. But do you plan to make this happen for the release of AOLserver 4.0 (whenver that might be), or at some later date, or?

For the AOLserver 4.0 release.


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