You can absolutely run multiple named vhosts off a single IP with no problem. It works out of the box from I think the first release of 4.x. I think the sample config shows all you need to know about vhosting but if not I'd be happy to help come up with a better concise example. the only caveat is that all the vhosts run as the same server meaning the same user. (I had an idea a while back for how to support multi-user virtual hosting via nsproxy, but it never went anywhere)

You can absolutely *not* run multiple SSL servers off one ip, and you never will be able to with aolserver or anything else. This is because the certificate is exchanged as part of the ssl handshake which happens before the web server ever has a chance to see it and respond to any Host: header.

Re: upgrading - awww, with 4.5.1 just freshly released, doesn't that just make you *want* to upgrade? :)


Janine Sisk wrote:
Hi all,

I'm considering moving from owning my own hardware to hosting everything with Amazon. It has many advantages, but one huge drawback - each virtual server can only have one external IP address.

I've never tried to use AOLserver's virtual hosting; at one time it was said to be less than reliable, and I've never revisited it. We've always had enough IP addresses that every site could have one of their very own. But that's not going to be the case if I make this change; virtual servers aren't cheap enough that I can set one up for every site, they're still going to have to be roommates.

So my question - what is the latest in virtual hosting? Can I actually run multiple sites off of one IP address these days? What about SSL?

I'm still using version 4.0.10 - haven't had any need to upgrade. I can upgrade if necessary to deal with this, though I'd rather not introduce that variable at this particular point in time.

Thanks in advance,

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