On 5/21/09 4:32 AM, Sep Ng wrote:
To be frank, the only reason why I keep using the Trac ticket tracker
is that it's the one I found.  Had I known that the sourceforge ticket
tracker was the active one, I would have used that one instead.  Begs
to question though... why two ticket trackers?

We started at SourceForge, using the tracker there. At one point, I had gotten tired of its clumsy interface and wanted to try something else. So, I went and imported the tickets into Trac to let folks see what it might look and feel like.

As an alternative, I'd be happy to import the data into Redmine [1], another nice open source project management tool that has many of the same features as Trac.

[1] http://www.redmine.org/

However, I don't want to do the work if the community would rather keep using the SourceForge tracker.

I clearly suck at the whole "consensus-building" thing, and AOLserver being an open source project means until someone steps up to volunteer to do that, well, it won't get done. I'm more than happy and capable to do the tech side of things, but time and again it's clear that this project needs a people person to make sure everyone's happy with the direction things are going in and I'm not that person.

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