Dear Apertium contributors,

Please read this email carefully, because there has been an important
change in
Apertium. The Apertium repository on SourceForge has been *locked
permanently*---it is read-only and nobody will be able to commit anymore.
Apertium core, monolingual modules, and bilingual modules at all stages of
development have been moved to GitHub. Tools already on GitHub have been
officially brought under Apertium. Other tools will be moved on an ad hoc
upon request [2]. The GitHub repositories are available for use at [1].

Please see the previous email with the title "IMPORTANT: Apertium will be
migrating to GitHub" for details regarding this change. It is important to
that the permissions for committing to repositories on GitHub are not the
as before.

For help with using git and GitHub, or if you want to avoid using git
altogether, please see the wiki's help page [3].

Note about GitHub organization membership: by default, everyone is a
member of the Apertium organization on GitHub. If you wish to be publicly
visible on the organization page [9], please change your membership to

There was a lot of discussion about this migration, including on the wiki
[4] and in an email thread [5]. If you have further questions about the
migration, or problems with using the GitHub repositories, you can:
 - contact me [6] or Sushain [7]
 - send an email to
 - join the IRC channel #apertium on Freenode [8]

Thank you,
Shardul Chiplunkar

  [6]: Shardul Chiplunkar <>
  [7]: Sushain Cherivirala <>
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