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> Hi,

Thanks for your help!

> When I iterate over the results and inspect the attributes of an entry
> > I don't find the operational attributes.
> Weird. You hsould have them.
> You can try using ALL_OPERATIONAL_ATTRIBUTES instead of
> ALL_ATTRIBUTES_ARRAY to see if it's any better.

When I give just ALL_OPERATIONAL_ATTRIBUTES the call is successful but
there are no attributes in the Entry.
What ended up helping is listing all the attribute names.
While that's not ideal it makes some sense for my application because it's
only prepared to deal with certain attributes anyway.

> Actually, Studio uses the API, so it should work.

I was looking at the source code for Studio and, while it's a lot to
absorb, I thought it also used JNDI calls.
So what I did was write a test program using JNDI and see if I could get
the operational attributes that way.
It didn't work either.  I'm able to get the same set of attributes as using
the API library.

> Try with ALL_OPERATIONAL_ATTRIBUTES, see if it's any better. If you get
> the operational attribute, I would say we have a problem in the way we
> process a request might be buggy.

See above - didn't work.

> Otherwise, it woud be interesting to get a wireshark capture of the
> dialogue, to see if the problem is in the request or in the response.

I might not go that far since I have a working solution of specifying all
attribute names.

Thanks for you time and effort!!

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