I've read foliar urea in fall can increase hardiness and delay bloom
on peach.

Can anyone tell me the optimum time to apply foliar urea (100 lbs./ac
-  i.e. 50 lbs. actual N) on peach?  I'd like to use regular soil urea
(vs. the low biuret) because of cost, but understand soil urea will
burn the foliage.

I don't want to apply it too early so as to minimize photosynthesis
from premature leaf drop, but don't want to apply it too late so the
leaves won't absorb the N.

U of C says to apply it in Sept. or Oct. (not Nov.) but the climate
out there is quite a bit different than here.

Anyone have a good general guideline to go by (i.e. just before leaf
drop, two weeks before leaf drop, etc.)?



Mark Angermayer
Tubby Fruits Peach Orchard
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