Brian :  Fruit shape and color are affected by growing climate/region.. Red 
Delicious fruits grown in warmer climate are likely to be round or flat while 
those in northern regions tend to be oblong (so called type or is it typy like 
shiny).  I recall from memory that an extension publication showed that apples 
from North Carolina were more round and flat while those from either NY or 
Washington? were oblong.  This is likely to be regulated by hormones since you 
can make fruits more oblong shape with Promalin (GA4 +GA7 + 6-BA).   Skin 
finish is also affected by humidity and temperature. High humidity and high 
temperature tend to make fruit color more dull while low humidity and cooler 
daytime temperature tend to make fruit color more shiny with smoother finish.

Mosbah Kushad, University of Illinois

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I have two orchard locations, one in a valley and a nearby one on a hilltop.  
I'm mystified by a "dry skin" quality in the valley farm.
I graded Liberty apples last night and the differences between the two sites 
were dramatic.  Hilltop-smooth, satiny finish; dark color; long "red delicious" 
shape.  Valley-shiny finish; bright color; spherical shape.  Jonagolds and 
Idareds from the valley have an almost papery skin; much smoother/waxier from 
the hilltop.
I've seen this in past years too...
Any ideas as to what is going on?

Brian Caldwell
Hemlock Grove Farm
West Danby, NY

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