I would start by considering whether the wind is greater at higher elevation, 
and whether there is more direct sunshine as well. 

    On Friday, October 6, 2017 11:08 AM, "kuffelcr...@kuffelcreek.com" 
<kuffelcr...@kuffelcreek.com> wrote:

 Mosbah's comment rings true here in our hot dry climate of So. Calif.; our
Liberty apples look like they've been stepped on, almost to the point of a
donut peach. They still fatten up girth wise, but I've always thought it
was something to do with irrigation.  Thanks for solving a mystery.

Kevin Hauser
Kuffel Creek Apple Nursery
Riverside, California

 On Fri, 6 Oct 2017 14:35:04 +0000, "Kushad, Mosbah M"
> Brian :  Fruit shape and color are affected by growing climate/region..
> Red Delicious fruits grown in warmer climate are likely to be round or
> while those in northern regions tend to be oblong (so called type or is
> typy like shiny).  I recall from memory that an extension publication
> showed that apples from North Carolina were more round and flat while
> from either NY or Washington? were oblong.  This is likely to be
> by hormones since you can make fruits more oblong shape with Promalin
> +GA7 + 6-BA).  Skin finish is also affected by humidity and
> High humidity and high temperature tend to make fruit color more dull
> low humidity and cooler daytime temperature tend to make fruit color
> shiny with smoother finish.
> Mosbah Kushad, University of Illinois
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> Of Brian Alan Caldwell
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> Subject: [Apple-Crop] satiny vs papery skin
> I have two orchard locations, one in a valley and a nearby one on a
> hilltop.  I'm mystified by a "dry skin" quality in the valley farm.
> I graded Liberty apples last night and the differences between the two
> sites were dramatic.  Hilltop-smooth, satiny finish; dark color; long
> delicious" shape.  Valley-shiny finish; bright color; spherical shape. 
> Jonagolds and Idareds from the valley have an almost papery skin; much
> smoother/waxier from the hilltop.
> I've seen this in past years too...
> Any ideas as to what is going on?
> Brian Caldwell
> Hemlock Grove Farm
> West Danby, NY
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