Charles and Patricia...

We at Sunrise invested in 4’ LED lighting recently and can see a benefit in a 
multitude of ways. Lower operating cost is the obvious publicized benefit but 
the reduction in area temperature during the summer months has been reported 
noticeable by employees; only in low celling areas. LEDS offer an increased 
light dissipation rate meaning a lesser quantity of lights do the same job. We 
opted to keep the same number of lights due to brackets previously in place 
thus we are very well lit compared to last season. In addition to LEDs we are 
using High Bay lighting fixed an estimated 20’ – 22’ above the retail and 
processing facility.  

Mc Cormick Electric of Gays Mills Wisconsin 608-624-3318 engineered and 
installed our enlightening remodel; Bill or Mick is our contact and could 
explain the job in contractors detail. 

Best of luck in your endeavor, 
Ryan Teach

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Subject: [apple-crop] Grading table lighting

We currently use a couple of 4ft fluorescents above the sorting table before 
bagging. Seems more difficult, as we are getting a little older each year, to 
distinguish between dark red and brown or black. I was wondering what others 
were using in their operations? Thank you kind hearted souls. 
Charles and Patricia

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