On Sat, 05 Aug 2000 22:13:31 -0500, Glenn McCorkle wrote:

> AAHHH, *now* I know what's going wrong.
> PPPDRC.CFG is not being written to disk.

> Try this in Arachne.cfg

> Connection @epppd.exe>>PPP.LOG

> I still can't figure-out why but when this line is used,

> Connection @lh epppdd.exe>>PPP.LOG

> PPPDRC.CFG does not get created.

Hi Glenn;
Since I don't have epppdd, I can't try this:
Delete the ">>PPP.log" and see what happens.

It looks a lot like the inconsistent re-direction I've seen.

- Clarence Verge
- Using Arachne V1.62 for a change....

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