On Tue, 08 Aug 2000 07:32:01 -000, Mike Millen wrote:

> The problem is in clr.bat in \arachne\system\dgi.

But there's no clr.bat in \arachne\system\dgi...

> Michael fixed the problem in v1.66 but for v1.65
> just add


> in front of every line in the .bat file. That will
> fix it.

Should be, if only I had the .bat file...

On Tue, 08 Aug 2000 02:41:36 -0400, Clarence Verge wrote:

> What version have you upgraded to ? I could find no info
> in your mail header.

It's an A164 full install with A166 CORE.EXE and a custom
offline reader/composer.

> A162 worked fine, A164 worked and gave a false error
> message, A165 used a batch file (in .DGIs, I think) that
> had a couple of problems and A166 is still using a .bat
> but it works.

Now that explains why...  Guess It's time for another full
download now... :(

~time pases~
(after reading few other mails)

Or perhaps not...  Guess what, Neil Parks has mailed me
A166's CLR.BAT! :)  Thanks Neil, and also the rest of
you who pointed out the problem.

My F8 is fixed now.  All needed was just installing the
batch file, and adding the following MIME.CFG line:

file/clearcache.dgi  |@call $esystem\\dgi\\clr.bat $c $a $t

Well, Michael, how about including the changed components
and their dependant MIME.CFG/ARACHNE.CFG lines in the next
CORE*.APM issues? ;-)

Still best viewed with Arachne only... :(

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