Dear List,
It was a rather frustrating day. My neigbours called on me for help a
few weeks ago... the computer went down.
Completely down, the harddisk was low level formatted.


We will never know. But they are using their bussiness, children
chatting and e-mailing on ONE computer... windows of course.

To have that machine down would be a disaster!

So I advised to restore the first computer, an IBM pentium one, and make
it fit for Arachne and use this computer for e-mail and a bit of
internet only.
So I installed 171UE... lots of troubles... and bought a modem.
Lots of troubles again :-((
Made a direction for use in Dutch, lot of work.

Tonight I brought the machine back installed passwords, telephone
numbers, etc. All went fine, but...

They were not using the provider with POP3 and SMTP for e-mail but:

No way for Arachne... total lock up with switching off the mains as a
remedy. How to explain this to your neighbours?

Is there a way to use Arachne for hotmail?

Regards, Bastiaan

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