Hi Kali,
         5 months ago I had the same problem but Glenn offered two
alternatives to hotmail.

XMS did not function very well... myrealbox is OK with Arachne.

So, I installed myrealbox at the neighbours and this is still running.
And... it is free :-)

CU, Bastiaan

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On Thu, 06 Mar 2003 22:17:38 -0500, Glenn McCorkle wrote:

> On Thu, 06 Mar 2003 01:44:23 +00, Bastiaan Edelman, PA3FFZ wrote:

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>> Tonight I brought the machine back installed passwords, telephone
>> numbers, etc. All went fine, but...

>> They were not using the provider with POP3 and SMTP for e-mail but:
>> www.hotmail.com

>> No way for Arachne... total lock up with switching off the mains as a
>> remedy. How to explain this to your neighbours?

>> Is there a way to use Arachne for hotmail?

> The simple answer..... no.

> Ever since MicroSoft took-over hotmail.
> It now requires wincrap to access it.

> See if they might be interested in using http://www.xms.ms/ for eMail.

> POP3, SMTP and WebMail all work perfectly with ALL eMail clients
> and ALL web browsers.

> The only requirement for doing SMTP is that you first 'login' by doing
> POP3 before attempting to do SMTP.

> All of this also applies to http://www.myrealbox.com/

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