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>> Tonight I brought the machine back installed passwords, telephone
>> numbers, etc. All went fine, but...

>> They were not using the provider with POP3 and SMTP for e-mail but:
>> www.hotmail.com

>> No way for Arachne... total lock up with switching off the mains as a
>> remedy. How to explain this to your neighbours?

>> Is there a way to use Arachne for hotmail?

> The simple answer..... no.

> Ever since MicroSoft took-over hotmail.
> It now requires wincrap to access it.

> See if they might be interested in using http://www.xms.ms/ for eMail.

> POP3, SMTP and WebMail all work perfectly with ALL eMail clients
> and ALL web browsers.

> The only requirement for doing SMTP is that you first 'login' by doing
> POP3 before attempting to do SMTP.

> All of this also applies to http://www.myrealbox.com/

BTW, Hotmail is looked upon with great scorn by many sysadmins at
US military bases and aboard ships.  Service members are allowed to
use some government computers on their own time for doing private
email correspondence.  In many cases they are allowed to access any
web-based email service EXCEPT Hotmail.  Hotmail causes problems for
their computers so they say.  Using government computers for doing
Hotmail is prohibited on many US military installations and offices
where accessing alternative web-based email services is allowed.  Not
all US military installations and offices prohibit Hotmail access by
government computers, but many do.  US service members should not use
Hotmail because it is prohibited in many places where they might get
assigned.  I don't know if the military services of other countries
have experienced having problems with their systems as a result of
using Hotmail.

Sam Heywood
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