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> (with the NE555) and/or check the English language? And please give the temperature range of the water you have to measure.
Sorry I wonder if the above is anything new to
peer-2-peer topology  :)
Sorry, Rafael.
This was in reference to a previous email. Bastiaan had sent me an English translation of his article about using the COM port as a method of creating an electronic measuring device. I had forgotten to reply with my comments.
BTW Bastiaan, the water temperature would be summer temps for a lake (for swimming and fishing programs), although I also have some similar ideas for measuring air temp, wind speed, and wind direction.
The peer-to-peer Arachne configuration was the desired - if technologically possible - way for experimenters to easily exchange files without using a separate server (most likely through an ISP). Since I live in the same town as Roger Turk, the preferred method of file sharing with him would be directly Arachne-Arachne. In our town the call is toll free.
Ideally, people would be able to use Arachne to call another computer directly - like it was in the old days with the BBS programs. Except, with Arachne, much more would be possible. I guess the two parties could each set up another box using Apache, but that would defeat the purpose of enabling individuals to easily communicate electronically without governmental or corporate interference.
Since many of the better BBS programs were DOS, I was guessing that certain sections of a BBS code could be modified for use in Arachne. I didn't know if that had already been done and was simply a matter of changing a CFG file.
Perhaps there's a mini-BBS program lurking somewhere in somebody's archives that would work as in OOK or DGI mode.
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