Hi all,

I'm playing with another scheme and had the following question.

Can Arachne be configured to call another individual computer over local
phone lines, or does it need a server?

I'm playing with the idea of using some old 386s and 486s as test boxes
for students to conduct basic experiments and play around with
electronics (and also to learn electronic repair). This grew out of
seeing some of Bastiaan's experimental programs with the COM ports. It
occurred to me that those ideas could easily be modified or expanded, and
that this would be a perfect way for a group of kids to learn something
useful and also keep them off the streets and out of trouble. It would
also be a great way to enlarge the Arachne and DOS communities and
generate some interesting and practical ideas.

Arachne would be a great platform for sharing their discoveries. Ideally,
it would be best to also do peer-to-peer connections using Arachne,
bypassing the need for a server (and the cost of joining an ISP). 

Has anybody done this before?

Any thoughts or comments?



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