Bob Wrote:
> I'm playing with another scheme and had the following question.

> Can Arachne be configured to call another individual computer over local
> phone lines, or does it need a server?

Dear List:
I think this may be easy to achieve. The wonderful DOS program CUTCP
will act as server or client over a PPP connection established by
DOSPPP, as used in Arachne. I have been able to establish a PPP login to
my ISP using CHAT. I have not done it, but it looks easy to make CHAT
act to receive incoming calls through a modem.
This would provide ftp and telnet functions. I am not clear on whether you would
run them from DOS, shelled out of Arachne, or integrated with the
graphical presentation of "my computer".

Another option I have tried is to use BOADOS server. I have browsed a
DOS machine running BOADOS with another machine running Arachne, over a
serial line running ppp and it is wonderful! I imagine a dialler could be
easily inserted into DOSPPP using CHAT that would allow a login - BBS

The trouble with BOADOS is that once you run it you have lost control of
the server computer until it is rebooted. Not much fun for that party! 
On the plus side, you can run a web page on the server with full html 
and graphics. It could be a very sexy dial-up noticeboard.
The setup and testing part of course you do with arachne loaded on the

A problem arises if two phone connected computers are trying to be both
server and client. CUTCP allows you to change directory on the OTHER
computer, and of course there is no security. It is all a bit unnerving
to have somebody running your computer from afar!

I have been running monkeylinux which is almost a DOS program as it runs
on a DOS filesystem and offers DOSEMU. It can run PPP, lynx, Apache, etc
over ethernet or serial line/modem. That is yet another way to go amd
necause of the great security and multi-tasking of Linux you can be a
server and still use the computer. Building and editing the server
resources can of course be done with Arachne in DOS before you fire up

So .... I think the chat script for receiving calls is the only work to
be done. Opinions?


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