On Wed, 06 Aug 2003 20:46:01 -0400, Glenn McCorkle wrote:

> Update to last message.

> I edited my cookie file and removed the extraneous ';' situated between
> "path=/;" and "domain=....."

> I just now succesfully posted a test message to the members chat area.

That's interesting. I wonder what it means. Is a solution in sight?

> I'll bet you dollars to donuts that NO-ONE can get rid of that ';'
> from the microsnot generated cookie. :(((

Well, we know it can be done manually...

So if M$ software at the server end is putting in that extra ";", how 
does it manage to handle it when it gets it back from a M$ client? Does
the M$ client software remove the extra ";" before returning the cookie?

Can Arachne be made to do the same thing? Sounds feasible to me.

> We can now see for sure....... MS has done it again. :(((

Once we have worked out what they have done, we are well on the way to
working out how to undo it.

Could this be the answer to why Arachne can't access a lot of other M$

For the answer to this and other intreaguing questions, tune in again
for the next exciting episode, same time, same station <G>

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