Re incomatability of Arachne with certain websites, I have found one
that seems to be the reverse of the usual problem.

I am registered as a member of, a website for the disabled
and those with interests in the disabled.

I can access the "open" areas alright with Arachne, but not the
"members-only" areas. However by shelling out to Lynx I can access them 
just fine.

The Webmaster says he thinks it is a problem with cookies, although I
have them enabled in the options.

Any ideas?

I realise that it would be difficult for anyone to try to analyse these
problems without access to the problem areas. Perhaps the webmaster
would be so kind as to grant a temporary membership to someone for the
purposes of testing. There is a Feedback link to contact him, and I have
found him to be very co-operative.


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