On Tue, 12 Aug 2003 22:47:29 +0200, Michael Polak wrote:

> But if no one wants the mailing list, why there is still so significant
> traffic going to arachne-digest every day ? (well, I am not reading it
> any more... but arachne-digest appear in my INBOX quite often... still I
> don't have idea how the spam can get in, I deleted most of e-mails in
> wizards list, the originating addresses are not subscribed... it's weird...)

Lots of people still want the mailing list. That's why there is
significant traffic.  Some people want off the list, that's all.
But they can't get off. So if you delete everyone then we can
start over by having all the people who want to be on the list
resubscribe. That's the idea at least.

As to the "web forum" idea, I don't like it. The web forums I've
seen are slow and clunky and take too long to get through. Plain
email is more efficient.

Sam Ewalt
Croswell, Michigan, USA
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