On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 14:28:26 -0930, Kevin JCJD Symons wrote:

> I did a search for PINE the other day, and only came up with a Linux and
> an OS/2 version. Do you have a site to snatch it from?

You can download some versions for windoze and other operating systems
from a University of Washington web site or FTP site.  Pine is
developed by the University of Washington and it is freeware.  You may
install and run Pine on your local machine.  Some people like to do it
that way.  Most Piners do it on a remote server.  There are several
advantages to doing it their way.  One of the best advantages of running
PINE on a remote Unixish server is that the remote server offers you
very quick and easy access to all of your email accounts by logging on
using any computer connected to the internet, regardless of whatever
operating system it is running and regardless of whatever ISP it is
connected to.

Sam Heywood
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