On Wed, 06 Aug 2003 15:39:50 -0500, Sam Ewalt wrote:

> On Sun, 3 Aug 2003 14:04:21 -0400, Roger Turk wrote:

>> We NEED secure shell capabilities AND javascript capabilities in Arachne as
>> soon as possible.

Dear list:
Yes, it would be nice, but a big ask it seems.
I have been rather depressed about failing to get any way of connecting
a computer to my mobile phone, even to the extent of contemplating
running a cut back Windows 98 as a vehicle for a driver.
q* -g
Driverguide locks me out of downloads with that GIF picture of a number
thing, and most of the other places I have been keep falling over at the
bit where you have to submit a form and send some

HOWEVER, the shocking thing for me is to find that moderately new
Netscapes have trouble also!!
Netscape 4.08 running on Win3.1 with Win32S loaded is a complete dog
compared to Arachne on the same machine. And it cant negotiate these
SSL demands either!  Forms wont submit, JS complaints occurr etc.

Worse still today we found that Netscape 4.75 will not run under win95.
40 Mb of bloat cant even download a page! Intentional M$ work?
I am apalled at the way these new fat, ever changing browsers are
redefining the net. All people want is Hotmail, and they are drawn into
the catchme-if-you-can  of a cyberspace arms race.

Perhaps it is time to start a campaign of publicising browser friendly
sites. Public pressure works with plastic bags and vehicle exhaust - why
not start a listing of infamy with web sites?
Or, convince people to go for the not-quite-free email adresses like one
James has at http://www.idl.net.au
who run an Arachne tolerant webmail system. The performance over Hotmail
in speed, security, space, reliability, service, etc is worth a few

All this vehemance from me started with a neighbour with a pentium 1
machine and 1 GB drive and 32 Mb RAM wanting to be able to receive
Yahoo mail.   It did not seem a big ask ........
Obviously I am getting old, and time has been running under my feet
while I have been happily using an ageing Arachne ...... must be more
than five years since Laura gave me 1.4 on a floppy.

Anyway, the battle against time is looking better since I pulled apart
my 30year old and half a million Km car engine, found it not too bad, and
lugged the block into the nearest machine shop for a rebore.

I really believe that some things are evergreen, And there is so much
that Arachne has got right!!


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