On Mon, 11 Aug 2003 18:40:44 -0400, Glenn McCorkle wrote:

>> Could we all gather together a list of known e-mail addresses for Michael

The only one I know is  [EMAIL PROTECTED]

>> and if everyone of us on the list ask Michael nicely,
>> "Can you authorise Glenn to move on? PLEASE?"

> That is fantastic idea.
> Count me in. :))

It might work, as long as he doesn't get too p*ssed off with the flood
of messages.

You must remember that he has other things to do, and this is probably
the reason why Arachne has gone onto the back burner. And remember that
he gets no financial return from the non-professional users of Arachne.

Get him too riled up, and he may say "The hell with Arachne" and (a) cut
off the A-list and (b) refuse to release anything to anybody.

I suspect he is reading the messages in the A-list, so it may not be
necessary to flood him with mail to get his attention.

Please Michael, are you reading this? If so, what is the answer?


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