On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 20:40:09 -0400, Glenn McCorkle wrote:
> On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 21:57:19 -0700, Mel Evans wrote:
>> Hi all, specially Glenn,
>> Glenn, what is the current situation regarding the Linux version
>> of Arachne? I'm re-furbing my old arachne4dos website and want to
>> update a few bits of the info?
>> From what I have been able to tell....
> Linux Arachne is dead.
> As-is Michael's planned devevolpment of Arachne v2.x
>> And also, the current 1,71 version is downloadable from you
>> (Glenn that is) and anywhere else?
> Nope.... not available anywhere else.

I'm now going to be a bit simplistic here maybe!

We all agree that Glenn is doing/has done a great job moving arachne on to 1.71 UE 
under his own steam? YES!

Michael is too busy to develop either arachne DOS or linux? YES?

We know Glenn has 1.73 up and running and we would all like a copy? MOST LIKELY YES!?

Could we all gather together a list of known e-mail addresses for Michael and if 
everyone of us on the list ask Michael nicely, 

"Can you authorise Glenn to move on? PLEASE?"

Seems to me it's worth a try! If we ALL do it, to ALL the addresses, at more or less 
the same time?

With best wishes and regards From [EMAIL PROTECTED]


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