oops. i guess it doesnt work with the current version. unfortunate because 
its exactly what i need. it looks to me like the rails community is a bit 
stuck in ralational database land, however as the arangodb community grows, 
as it seems rather small compared to neo4j, i would hope someone would pick 
up guacamole. new developers like myself may be the ones to get the rails 
thinking out of the relational db box and it seems they are kind of a 
perfect match for eachother arango and rails. neo4j has tons of 
documentation for rails, but its licensing doesnt match my needs. arango 
however seems a perfect fit for my app only that it is so hard for me to 
get it connected to rails. maybe orientdb has something easier?meh , i may 
just have to go with postgre

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 11:03:40 AM UTC-6, Fjayjay wrote:
> it certainly looks friendly to use and has a great name. any chance it 
> would get picked up again? my concern is in using something thats not 
> maintaned. i will give it a try
> On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 3:59:00 AM UTC-6, wi...@arangodb.com 
> wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> we used to maintain https://github.com/arangodb-helper/guacamole - but 
>> it was discontinued due to lack of interest of the ruby community. 
>> you may want to take a look at it. 
>> Cheers, 
>> Willi
>> Am Dienstag, 13. Februar 2018 19:43:48 UTC+1 schrieb Fjayjay:
>>> for example after installing the gem it says to add 
>>> require arangorb
>>> which file? there has to be more documentation

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