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> Just take a look at that beautifully concise "Contents" table on
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Installation_guide.
> That's one perfect checklist :-)

I think you are ~right.
>From my point of view beginner's guide was a perfect entry point to Arch
and to a new setup, no matter how old you were as a user, but things can
change and the Installation Guide is, well, good enough for this. :)

More seriousyl, I think it's a healthy approach to first give an
> overview of what is required for the installation, and then let the
> user/newcomer search the information in the wiki on their own

I think I agree with this, but Beginner's Guide wasn't harmful from my
point of view, even if I would rewrite a similar chunk of instructions with
a philosophical disclaimer and a bunch of links to stuff explaining the
Arch Way. IMHO the only sane approach to Arch Linux is to first comprehend
The Arch Way understanting all the technical and philosophical choices.
People now are setting up Arch boxes because it's cool.

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> I thought I'd make a graph about the reactions to the merge :)

Dude you missed the "systemd's fault!!1!" line :D


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