Hi Ed and everyone else,

I work in cultural resource management, managing the historic environment 
record (HER) for Greater London.  Prior to this I've worked in other HERs 
in England, and for the Council for British Research in the Levant in 
Jordan and Syria.

What is your interest in Arches?

I'm working on a project with the GCI and another English HER to develop a 
new heritage management system using Arches that we and other HERs could 
use.  In London we are keen to extend use of the HER beyond just the GLHER 
team, but out to our colleagues in the London boroughs, to heritage 
professionals, and to the general public, whether for interest or as 
volunteers.  I've used relational databases and ArcGIS, but I think open 
source systems have a lot of potential, and they are something I've not 
used before.  

Where am I working?

Usually in Holborn, in the Historic England London Office, but to day at 
home in Sittingbourne, Kent

What can I see out of the window?

I can see what's left of my vegetable patch after the slugs have munched 
their way through it.  Heritage wise, If I had x-ray vision and could see 
through my dining room wall I would be looking at the Grade II listed 
former Borden School, and before that agricultural college, and in the 
evenings, when the wind is in the right direction I can hear the bells of 
St Peter & St Paul's Borden (

Sorry for the short hello, but the school pick-up run beckons!



On Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 4:29:37 PM UTC+1, Edmund Lee wrote:

> Hello all, ... and welcome in particular to those who have joined the 
> Arches Discussion Forum recently.
> This online group was initially set up for the project team, and has just 
> recently been opened up as the public, so some of us haven't met before. 
> How about we all share a bit of background, just like we would if we were 
> meeting in the real world? If that sounds good to you, reply to this thread 
> and share with the group some or all of the following:
>    - what is your interest in Arches?
>    - where in the world are you working?
> and, just to make it a bit more fun,
>    - what can you see out of the window? Is there any heritage in your 
>    view?
> I look forward to getting to know everyone a bit better!
> Ed

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