Hi Mahmoud,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Arches community!  As you kindly 
noted, the group of people working on Arches here are great, and you will 
likely find the help and support you need to advance your work.  Thank you 
for introducing yourself and we look forward to hearing more about your 


Arches Project Team

On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 5:02:30 PM UTC-7, Mahmoud Abdelrazek wrote:
> Hi Everyone, 
> This is Mahmoud Abdelrazek. I am an Egyptian geologist turned data 
> scientist. I have some experience with GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry 
> and web development. This is such a great group of people and I am so 
> excited to join in. 
> My task with arches is to edit a certain implementation to add a few 
> custom features which will be also available for the community. I have been 
> reading through the documentation and the code in the past few weeks to get 
> familiar with arches but I will need your help and advice. 
> Sadly, I am not in my city right now. It is the one which Rudyard Kipling 
> once mentioned "If you truly wish to find someone you have known and who 
> travels, there are two points on the globe you have but to sit and wait, 
> sooner or later your man will come there: the docks of London and Port 
> Said" 
> Please do feel free to reach out for a chat if you may, and thank you 
> again for making this group available to us
> Mahmoud 
> On Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 5:29:37 PM UTC+2, Edmund Lee wrote:
>> Hello all, ... and welcome in particular to those who have joined the 
>> Arches Discussion Forum recently.
>> This online group was initially set up for the project team, and has just 
>> recently been opened up as the public, so some of us haven't met before. 
>> How about we all share a bit of background, just like we would if we were 
>> meeting in the real world? If that sounds good to you, reply to this thread 
>> and share with the group some or all of the following:
>>    - what is your interest in Arches?
>>    - where in the world are you working?
>> and, just to make it a bit more fun,
>>    - what can you see out of the window? Is there any heritage in your 
>>    view?
>> I look forward to getting to know everyone a bit better!
>> Ed

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