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In MB, the user/developers having to manually list out the IPs in the
connection URL could be difficult. The change of IPs of the broker nodes
would require reconfiguring and restart the client applications connected
to it. I am implementing a way to dynamically detection the MB nodes in the
cluster and load balance through them.

I got the IP address(all network interfaces) and AMQP port and store
database at cluster startup. When node shutdown that details are removed
from the database.
I wrote an admin service to get those database details at the carbon
business module.

In andes client, I implemented a new initialContextFactory and inside that,
I made an AMQP URL. As a mock, I got the IP list from the file and randomly
select one of the IP and port and make AMPQ URL. Other IPs  put as a
fail-over. I tested it.

*Work to be done*
I will call web service inside the andes client and get the IP and port and
resolve it according to the client network. After that get the correct IP
and the port.

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