This is to raise some concerns over the current server profiles. Although
we are able to control the bundles which are loaded to the runtime based on
the -Dprofile parameter, we still lack the ability of removing files and
modifying configuration files when the server starts on a profile. And this
is forcing us to start unnecessary bundles at startup. Let me explain...

API Manager has both webapps and a gateway in its distribution. The synapse
bundles are only required in the Gateway profiles. However since the
axis2.xml file of API Manager defines the http transport senders and
receivers based on the Synapse passthrough senders and receivers, the axis2
engine will try to load the synapse classes on startup. Ideally if we were
able to modify the axis2.xml on the Publisher, Store and Key Manager
profiles and replace the passthrough senders and receivers with our
standard http senders and receivers, we could avoid loading the synapse
bundles on the Publisher, Store and Key Manager.

The same problem occurs for registry indexers and handlers. Since the
registry indexers and handlers are configured on the registry.xml, even
though these are only required in the publisher and store profiles, these
bundles will be activated and running even on the Gateway, Key Manager and
Traffic Manager. So unless we modify the registry.xml on those nodes
manually, we can't stop those bundles from running.

Another problem we're facing is the inability to remove webapps. Since all
webapps in the repository/deployment/server/webapps and
repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps are deployed into the runtime,
unless we remove these webapps manually there is no other way to stop them
from being deployed in unrelated profiles.

I heard there is a discussion to bind a profile to a container. Which would
solve these problems. However it still won't help the "non-container"
deployments. Are there ways to overcome the above mentioned limitations and
enhance the efficiency of our profiles?


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