How can we attach authorization handlers in steps level with the current
design ?

    Step1 : Do basic authentication
    Step2 : Perform authorization for above authenticated user
    Step3 : Perform Fido authentication

In that case don’t we need to handle it in Step level ? same as how we
handle Authenticators  ?


On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 1:20 AM, Pulasthi Mahawithana <>

> Hi All,
> As per the current implementation of the Identity Server's authentication
> framework, it does not provide any OOTB authorization mechanism for the
> service providers. We are going to provide this capability to Identity
> server so that the users can be authorized to service providers using rules
> based on user attributes, userstore, time of the day, etc.
> Following is the proposed sequence for the implementation.
> [image: Inline image 1]
> The existing authentication flow is kept as is until the authentication
> steps are completed and authentication result decided. At the
> AuthenticationRequestHandler (after authentication) if the authentication
> is success, we will be calling an AuthorizationHandler with the
> authentication context. AuthenticationHandler is responsible for evaluating
> the configured policies and responding back whether the user is authorized
> or not. If the authorization is not required or handled by the SP
> itself, we'll be providing the capability of bypassing the authorization
> step per service provider .
> The default implementation of the AuthorizationHandler will be using the
> IS's XACML engine for authorization. It will send a XACML request to the
> PDP and the request will be evaluated against the policies published to the
> PDP. Admins can write XACML policies and publish them to allow/deny the
> users logging into SPs based on those policies.
> Also, to retrieve the basic authentication context values (such as SP
> Name, authenticated user's username/userstore/tenant) we will provide a
> default PIP. In case any complex or derived attributes are needed we can
> retrieve them by writing a custom PIP and use them in the policies.
> Please share your thoughts and suggestions.
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