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> Hi,
> Currently I’m working on a project 'Cross protocol single logout'. WSO2
> Identity Server provides Single LogOut over applications, participating on
> the same session over the same authentication protocol and Single SignOn
> over the different protocols.
> [image: 1.png]
> Objective:
> Design and provide a solution to support cross protocol SLO
> Problem :
> WSO2 Identity Server supports multiple applications which are using
> different authentication protocols. It does not provide cross protocol
> Single Logout. For example, Assume that  you are using SAML based
> application and OIDC based application is same browser session. when you
> logout from a SAML based application it will only log you out from other
> SAML applications not from OIDC based application with the same session.
> Solution:
> The proposed solution for this problem is implementing a common event
> handler over different protocols. When a session is terminated because of
> user logout, an event should be published to invoke the ‘SLO  Event
> Handler’.So 'SLO Event Handler' notifies all the inbound authenticators and
> the authenticators handle respective logout actions. In order to listen
> the logout event, all the respective authenticators have to be subscribed
> in the ‘SLO event handler’ and have own separate event handlers to trigger
> the logout for their registered applications.
> [image: SolutionArchi.png]
> We would like to have your feedback and suggestions in this regard.
> Thanks.
> Regards,
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