Currently, in G-Reg publisher, users cannot edit the uploaded swagger
files. Neither it can be downloaded. So, in order to edit an uploaded file,
they need to either,

   1.  Edit the local copy, delete the resource in the G-Reg and re-upload
   2.  Copy the content of the file, make the changes, delete the existing
   G-Reg resource and re-upload it.

In user's perspective, this is a very cumbersome process to perform
in-order to get a simple task done.

As a solution for this, I'm working on integrating the swagger editor in
G-Reg publisher, where users can edit the swagger files in the G-Reg
publisher it self.

The functionality would be similar to the swagger editor in API-M Publisher
and need some clarification on the following aspects as well.

1. Do we provide the capability of create a swagger file with the editor?
2. Saving the edited file with a different name.
3. Do we need to incorporate the editor in the new file creation process.
i.e, when the user is creating a new swagger file, do we supposed to give
them to create it with editor as well?

I have attached the user stories for the basic functionality.


Any ideas, suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

*Menaka Jayawardena*
Software Engineer
WSO2 Inc.

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