I have been trying to search the documentation on Top Containers but perhaps I 
am overlooking something - since migrating to version 1.5.1, it seems to me 
that anyone with less than archivist or even repository manager positions are 
not able to create Top Containers which can be problematic when just trying to 
enter a basic finding aid.  Additionally, it hasn’t been very clear to me where 
I (as a respository manager) can bulk create containers for the people I am 
working with.
In the “Manage Top Container” section, I am able to look up and bulk edit 
(yay!) existing top containers but not create any new ones from this view.
Additionally, any new Top Containers show up as labeled “Container” despite 
being able to distinguish them as “boxes” or other formats in the drop down 
I have been able to more easily add boxes for finding aids by using the Rapid 
Data Entry, but unfortunately it seems like the basic workflow for us in 
generating finding aids has gotten a lot more complicated with this new update.
Any thoughts or workarounds would be greatly appreciated!
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