You do not say what metadata format they are harvesting via OAI-PMH. If it is EAD 2002, and they are expecting daogrp elements, then ArchivesSpace only does that for multiple file versions in a digital object, not for multiple digital objects linked to a single archival object.


On 20/10/2022 18:03, Mary Weppler wrote:

We are part of a trial community partnership with JSTOR in which they are harvesting two of our collections.  One of the collections was successfully harvested, including the digital objects: This collection consists of an archival object with several child records, each of which also had a single digital object.

The second (problematic) collection was harvested at the archival object level, however each of the child archival objects (decades) have up to 200 digital objects: The harvesting team has not been able to harvest the individual digital objects associated with these child archival objects.  The team has stated that there must be an issue with our OAI-PMH settings.  We are at a loss as to what the issue could be, as we've checked the OAI settings and cannot see anything amiss.  Has anyone else encountered this issue?

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