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> As a user, I would expect to be sold a router housing and a router
> EOMA68 computer card. I would expect the router housing to be able to
> host my desktop card as well. I would also expect the router card to
> work in my desktop housing.

 provision of power is about the common denominator: i already
outlined the example where use of the OTG port and HDMI cable would
allow the CPU-Card-With-The-Desktop-OS to be useful and functional.
anything else that you get (such as a USB-based WIFI adapter or
USB-based Ethernet port) is a "plus" but is in no way guaranteed and
should in no way be *expected*, either.

 the other way round is unlikely to work and, if you did not then seek
out (at your own expense and initiative) a replacement OS, replacing
the Router OS with a Desktop OS, then that is your lookout. also:
router cards are quite likely to be 120 to 500mhz single-core MIPS
processors with on-board RAM restricted to potentially as little as 8
MB (yes 8 MEGABYTES - that's eight MB).  if you are *genuinely*
expecting a 120mhz processor with 8mb of RAM to be capable of running
a Desktop OS, you are (to put it mildly) completely delusional.

 basically it's necessary to apply some common sense, here.


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