El 15 de octubre de 2016 a las 7:53:40, FaTony (fat...@fatony.net) escribió:
> What kind of games are you planning to run?
> Because this is very libre focused project so I assume emulators of
> proprietary hardware and proprietary games for that hardware out of the
> question.

My idea is to offer a completely libre console that anyone can improve
it and anyone can do whatever he wants with it.

My idea is that this freedom allows you to install what you want. For
example, if you want, you can install a completely libre OS (like Parabola
OS) or you can install a proprietary OS (like Windows, if there is a
EOMA68 compatible in the future).

On the other hand, my idea is to focus on a EOMA68-A20 with
GNU/Linux OS (Debian perhaps?). Would be sent without any proprietary
software. When you turn on it (first time), the OS will ask if you want to
download the proprietary drivers for the GPU and if you want to activate
the repository with proprietary software (such as proprietary games or

I would also like to offer a EOMA68-A20 card with Parabola OS and other
with Android OS. While we may not provide support for these cards
(for lack of money and time).

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