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> What kind of games are you planning to run?
> Because this is very libre focused project

 it's an *ethically* focussed project of which it so happens, by way
of the four freedoms being designed around the extremely rare and
hard-to-understand *joint* combination of software development *and*
ethical considerations, that libre software is a huge part *of* the
project but it is not *the* focus of the project.

 now, if people want to *ignore* those ethical considerations they are
entirely free to do so and to experience the consequences of doing so
(which, if they piss on anything that is part of this project,
interfering with it or bringing it into disrepute in any way, then to
say that those consequences would be bad for them would be a massive

> so I assume emulators of
> proprietary hardware and proprietary games for that hardware out of the
> question.

 they're not [out of the question].  they will not be able to receive
an RYF Certificate, that's for sure, but that's nothing to do with

 if you recall a couple weeks ago i began writing up the specification
to incorporate the circumstances under which proprietary software is
acceptable, as well as outlining the [rather large] burden of
responsibility that proprietary software vendors will be taking on as
a result.

 if that proprietary software is installable by the end-user (over the
internet) *after* the product ships, that burden is greatly reduced.
if there isn't *any* choice *other* than proprietary software however,
such that that proprietary software might as well already be on the
device, i might however get a bit unhappy about that.

 it's still all forming, basically, but the fundamental underlying
rule is: ethical considerations FIRST.  stop causing people pain and
distress just because they're buying technology devices.


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