I tend to agree with Marc, but it's worth note that while no avowed socialist 
has ever gotten into the double-digits (Eugene V. Debs peaked at 6% in 1912), 
the Democratic Party has enacted virtually every plank in the 1928 Socialist 
Party platform, and the Republicans have come to accept virtually all of it 
too.  Americans don't like to support something called "socialism," but they 
often support socialism by some other name.


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>>>"Well, the average American is not so pro-freedom as, say, Walter Williams,
>>>but considerably more so than the average Frenchman or German."

>>Really?  How do you measure this?

>Well, we can start with the fact that in the first-round of a typical
>presidential election in France, 2/3 of the votes go to candidates so far
>to the Left they make Ralph Nader look moderate, and about 1/2 of these
>votes, or 1/3 of the total, go to out-and-out Marxists of one sort or
>another, candidates who are avowed Trotskyites, Stalinists, etc.  In U.S.
>presidential elections, no avowed socialist has *ever* garnered more than
>one or two percent of the vote.
>Marc Poitras

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