> > All but a very few Americans, including economists, are in favor of
> > socialized money.  That is the most pervasive socialist 
> > program in the USA.  (FF)
> Most folks, I'm sure, would state that
> "socialist money" means the gov't gives more money to those who
> need it, taking from those who have it.  E.g. gov't socialist 
> redistribution.
> Tom Grey

Does the economic meaning of words depend on what "most folks" think?
> I don't even know why you want to call the monopoly legal tender laws 
> socialized money -- but now I'm not certain this is what you mean.

There are three meanings of "socialism":
1) the ownership of non-labor factors by workers.
2) the ownership or control of some of the economy by government.
3) an egalitarian redistribution of wealth.

I mean #2.
Fred Foldvary


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