Political labels are notoriously contextual. The passage of a few years
renders many labels unintelligible. However, there is something more
interesting to say. Political parties frequently co-op  specific policies,
which distorts our association of a label with a policy. Example:
the two politial parties in the US have played football with balanced
budget. Perot also made a big deal about. So what label would you use?


On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Fred Foldvary wrote:

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> >  government money, as it predates socialism, probably doesn't rightly
> fall under the category of socialism. <
> Does the meaning of socialism include a time frame, so that a policy that
> is socialist after that time is not socialist before that time?
> What is "socialism," what year does it take effect, and why is the time
> element involved?
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