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> Seriously - how hard is it to set up such a market? If indeed it can lead
> to better prediction of violent events, and if it is something that is
> relatively easy to set up, then why not? Could this be shut down by the
> Feds? Under what justifications?

Games, in and of themselves, are not illegal.  Even the program setup by
the pentagon violated no laws I am aware of...(as if it's possible to know
them all...).

Again, if others are interested in getting this setup, I'm for it -- then
again, it looks like some of the other futures site's on the web have
already created DHS,Terrorism and other related sections to their sites so
it may be a moot point at this juncture.

And if the (US) gov. decided it had a problem with running it, we have
limited colocation resources outside of the US for this very reason. As an
aside, most of my servers (except email and a few others) drop traffic
originiating from DoD or other government registered IP space.


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