Hi LJ,
Thanks for your response but I am not following what you mean.  Could you 
provide more detail?


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How about something a bit more novel.  Look for records that have a Resolved 
Status history Date/User who's status is < Resolved....

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Hi Crystal,
Thanks for the help.   We are still seeing at least one  Incident that has  
been re-opened that does not have a date in the re-opened date field.  Have you 
ran into any issues like that?  The re-open date field definitely looks more 
useful the Kick_Back Count field.


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There is a hidden field on HPD:Help Desk called ‘Re-Opened Date’.  If that 
field has a vaule, then it has been reopened at least once.

This is a query for active Incidents that have been previously resolved:

'Re-Opened Date' != $NULL$ AND 'Status*' < "Resolved"

Hope that helps.


Crystal Crenshaw
Service Management Senior Systems Analyst
Project Services – Service Management


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Subject: Reporting on Incidents that have re-opened

Wondering if anyone can help us figure out how to query for Incidents that have 
been re-opened.  We thought we could do this by using the Kick_Back Count field 
but it seems to reset the count after the Incident is closed and we also get 
strange results were incidents we would expect to match the query do not.  
Anyway, wondering if anyone has a better way to find incidents that have been 
re-opened.  We are using version 9.1.3.  Basically we want to run a query 
against all incidents that will list any that have been resolved and then moved 
back to an active status.  I appreciate any tips you can provide. ☺

Todd Arner
Systems Administrator III
Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.

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