>From your description, as long as nothing else but the Filter that calls the 
>Run Process is executed on Submit then the record in your staging form should 
>still be there.

This is the same methodology we use for all of our external interfaces.

-          External system inserts record in Interface/Staging form as "New" 
(Usually thru a web service)

-          On Submit filter does Run Process action to call external utility to 
change status to "Ready".  (This filter should not have the `! )

-          Filters to process data run on Modify/Merge when status is "Ready" 
(and when complete set status to "Complete")

If there is an error in processing the data the Interface/Staging record is 
still there as "New".  The other main reason we use this method is if we are 
working with a complex web service call (with child forms), this will allow the 
AR System to save the child records (in the phase 2 of the web service process 
from the external system) so they are available when we go to process the data.


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Subject: Phase 3 Filter action threw ARERR and deleted record from form


I was under the impression that if a Phase 3 action on a submit filter met with 
ARERR error, then the submitted record will still be present on the form , will 
not get deleted or rolled back. However, I observed quite the contrary on ARS 
8.1.02.  Have you come across this before and how did you overcome?

I have a custom form on ITSM 8.1.02. Another system creates records into the 
custom form by consuming Remedy's web service [USER: webservices.user]. A 
filter on submit on the custom form has a Run process action  that executes a  
batch file. The batch file uses BMC javadataimport utility to import status 
into the same record that was just submitted [User: import.user]. Merge filters 
fire when that particular status value is set. One of the merge filters met 
with ARERR. After that the record submitted also got deleted ! Is this expected 

>         1: Push Fields -> "SRM:SMI:InboundTxn_inbound-notify-ack`!" (ARERR 
> 286)
<FLTR> <TID: 0000011628> <RPC ID: 0002073827> <Queue: Fast      > <Client-RPC: 
390620   > <USER: import.user                               > <Overlay-Group: 1 
        > **** Error while performing filter action: Error 286
<FLTR> <TID: 0000011628> <RPC ID: 0002073827> <Queue: Fast      > <Client-RPC: 
390620   > <USER: import.user                               > <Overlay-Group: 1 
        > **** Filter "SRM:SMI:InboundTxn_inbound-notify-ack`!": No enabled 
error handler
End of filter processing (phase 1) -- Operation - MERGE on SRM:SMI:StagingForm 
- TSF000013524329

*/DELETE FROM T3636 WHERE C1 = 'TSF000013524329'

Radhika Narayanan
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