Dear all,

We are currently in the process of establishing more explicit coding guidelines

with the aim of improving consistency and ultimately the quality of the ARTS

code base. To make our life easier, it has been decided that we try to adhere

to the google C++ coding style, at least w.r.t. naming and formatting 

One problem that I encountered is that the naming of constants, at least those

defined in constants.[h, cc], is not consistent. Currently some of the names are

all caps (AVOGADROS_NUMB, why are you screaming at me?), others use mixed

case (Delta_nu_Cs) and others only use small letters.

In lack of a better idea, I would propose to change this to follow the google 

guide. This would mean prefixing all constant names with a k followed by the

variable name in camel case:

kAvogadrosNumb, kDeltaNuCs, ...

One could certainly argue that, since the constants are already in the Constants

name space, they can be easily identified as constants. Anyhow, I think there's 

advantage of indicating the constant nature of these variables in their name and

to do this consistently with other constants defined in the code.

If none of the other developers opposes this, I would go on to rename the 

defined in constants.[h, cc] and others I find in the code to homogenize this.

Looking forward to your input!


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