Hi all,

I have spent some time on trying to figure out how the changes in my branch could have created some failing tests. But just run make check-all with master and the same tests failed also there, so there seem to be older issues.

The failed tests listed below. These issues under control? Noticed that some tests demand an accuracy of 2nK! The deviation was 2.5 mK, which can be OK. On the other hand, there were also tests failing with deviations of 30-100 K.



The following tests FAILED:
         42 - arts.ctlfile.slow.artscomponents.clearsky.TestBatch (Failed)
         43 - python.arts.ctlfile.slow.artscomponents.clearsky.TestBatch 
        152 - arts.ctlfile.slow.instruments.odinsmr.TestOdinSMR_1D (Failed)
        153 - python.arts.ctlfile.slow.instruments.odinsmr.TestOdinSMR_1D 
        156 - arts.ctlfile.slow.instruments.hirs.TestHIRS_fast (Failed)
        157 - python.arts.ctlfile.slow.instruments.hirs.TestHIRS_fast (Failed)
        158 - arts.ctlfile.slow.instruments.metmm.TestMetMM (Failed)
        159 - python.arts.ctlfile.slow.instruments.metmm.TestMetMM (Failed)
180 - arts.ctlfile.xmldata.artscomponents.arts-xml-data.TestPlanetIsoRatios (Failed) 181 - python.arts.ctlfile.xmldata.artscomponents.arts-xml-data.TestPlanetIsoRatios (Failed)
        184 - arts.ctlfile.xmldata.artscomponents.cia.TestRTwithCIA (Failed)
        185 - python.arts.ctlfile.xmldata.artscomponents.cia.TestRTwithCIA 
        232 - arts.pyarts.pytest (Failed)

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